Payment orchestration platform for all types of business

Paytring is a universal feature-rich payment orchestration platform for online businesses and payment institutions. We integrate payment providers and acquirers to bring a unified communication, control, and management interface.


What is Paytring?

Paytring is an all-inclusive and feature-packed payment orchestration platform designed for OMNI businesses and payment institutions. Our platform integrates payment providers and acquirers from all over the world, offering a unified communication, control, and management interface.

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Why Paytring?

Achieve faster and more secure transactions, improved payment success rates, and enhanced control over payment-related data and analytics by streamlining your payment processes with us.


Effortless Integration

Seamlessly integrate with our software development kits (SDKs) and extensions, without the need for complex coding or customization.


Cost and Revenue optimization

Reduce MDR costs with competitive rates from 20+ payment gateways and aggregators.


Better Conversions

Lower your failure rate using dynamic rules and AI-powered intelligent routing.


Infinite Scalability

Integrate with us once and gain access to 20+ payment gateways, with optimal performance, security, and reliability.

The Paytring
Product Suite


Smart Orchestrator

An advanced payment orchestration platform, powered by AI and requiring no coding, designed to efficiently handle your business's payment operations and engineering needs.



An invoice and expense management tool seamlessly connected to a robust payment collection system. With the ability to generate both ad-hoc and recurring invoices that are fully compliant with GST regulations.


MPos / SoftPos

Our omnichannel MPOS and SoftPOS solutions are customized to your business needs, integrated with our payment orchestrator for a seamless payment experience.


Order Manager

Our order and inventory management system seamlessly integrates with our payment orchestrator, providing small and mid-sized merchants with a unified platform for managing orders, inventory, and payments.


Card Recharge Platform

Our platform offers seamless recharging of prepaid and forex cards issued by various banks, featuring a powerful payment collection system and a closed-loop wallet for added convenience.


Metered Billing

Our metered billing offers a usage-based billing structure, allowing customers to pay only for what they use each month, resulting in more predictable and fair billing. Headless & API first solution.

Payment Orchestration Platform For All

Achieve faster and more secure transactions, improved payment success rates, and enhanced control over payment-related data and analytics by streamlining your payment processes with us.

Our single integration can help you steer clear of being tied down to a specific payment service provider and also reveal capabilities.

Count on our reliable and secure distributed payment infrastructure that is shielded from all types and sizes of DDoS attacks.

With a single dashboard, you can manage all payment and payout processes in real-time and configure multiple settings.

Optimize your transaction costs by leveraging the capability to automatically identify the most cost-effective approach

Endless possibilities for growth and global expansion are unlocked with the ability to connect with as many PSPs as you desire.

Mitigate the potential losses associated with international transactions by setting the exchange rate at the point of sale.

Choose from our selection of 30+ reports on various statistics, including fees and decline reasons, and access them instantly.

An Unforgettable Experience That People Enjoy Recalling

  • Invaluable in facilitating seamless payment processing

    "The support provided by Paytring has been instrumental in delivering a seamless payment experience. We are delighted to have Paytring as our payment partners."

    Ashish Pathak
    Senior Solutions Consultant, Razorpay
  • Assisted us in managing unforeseen spikes in online and sales-driven transactions

    "Paytring assisted us in managing an unforeseen surge in transaction volumes without any disruptions. They have also been supporting us with continuous monitoring, addressing service requests at all hours, and accommodating any ad hoc requirements"

    Deepak Prasad
    Cluster Manager , Bajaj Finserv
  • Effortless reconciliation helps us manage payments seamlessly, boosting efficiency with ease.

    "Choosing PayTring was strategic, but what truly solidified our partnership was their exceptional service and seamless integration. They align with our commitment to customer experiences and streamline payment orchestration, saving time and resources. Their reconciliation feature enhances our financial management, providing accurate insights effortlessly. Plus, their intuitive solutions and API-driven approach cater perfectly to our needs, making them invaluable."

    Deepak Jha
    Senior Manager Accounts & Finance , JIVA
  • Maximized efficiency and customer satisfaction through streamlined payment management, aiding us in our goals.

    "PayTring has truly transformed our payment management. With their intuitive platform and comprehensive features, managing multiple payment methods and providers has become seamless. Thanks to PayTring, we've enhanced efficiency and customer satisfaction. We chose PayTring for their strong reputation, expertise, and comprehensive range of services. Highly recommended."

    Ruchi Aggarwal
    Founder ,