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Welcome to our world of innovation and seamless financial transactions! Founded by two technopreneurs with extensive experience in the payments and fintech industry, we are a fintech product development company. Our mission is to eliminate the barriers that exist in the financial industry and make financial transactions accessible to all individuals and businesses worldwide. For the past six years, we have been working with major payment aggregators and gateways in India, developing products that their customers and banks demand.

Our product evolved from the problems, ideas, and demands we received from these companies' customers. We have built a super product by identifying all the major problems that every online business is facing these days. At our company, we provide a No-Code Solution for payment collection, making integration super easy. You don't need a developer's help to integrate and manage multiple payment gateways on your website or mobile app. Plus, merchants can route MDR as per their requirements, solving the biggest problem and saving costs for large merchants. Our cutting-edge technology provides a seamless, secure, and effortless experience for everyone. We're excited to revolutionize the financial transaction platform and make it accessible to all.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to create an innovative financial transaction platform that leverages cutting-edge technology to provide a seamless, secure, and effortless experience for everyone. We aim to eliminate the barriers that currently exist in the financial industry and make financial transactions accessible to all individuals and businesses worldwide. We are committed to delivering reliable, efficient, and user-friendly solutions that empower our customers to manage their finances with ease and confidence. Through our mission, we aspire to transform the way people exchange money and conduct financial transactions, creating a more connected and prosperous world.

Our Vision

To leverage technology and innovation to transform financial transactions into a seamless, secure, and effortless experience for all.

An Unforgettable Experience That People Enjoy Recalling

  • Invaluable in facilitating seamless payment processing

    "The support provided by Paytring has been instrumental in delivering a seamless payment experience. We are delighted to have Paytring as our payment partners."

    Ashish Pathak
    Senior Solutions Consultant, Razorpay
  • Assisted us in managing unforeseen spikes in online and sales-driven transactions

    "Paytring assisted us in managing an unforeseen surge in transaction volumes without any disruptions. They have also been supporting us with continuous monitoring, addressing service requests at all hours, and accommodating any ad hoc requirements"

    Deepak Prasad
    Cluster Manager , Bajaj Finserv
  • Effortless reconciliation helps us manage payments seamlessly, boosting efficiency with ease.

    "Choosing PayTring was strategic, but what truly solidified our partnership was their exceptional service and seamless integration. They align with our commitment to customer experiences and streamline payment orchestration, saving time and resources. Their reconciliation feature enhances our financial management, providing accurate insights effortlessly. Plus, their intuitive solutions and API-driven approach cater perfectly to our needs, making them invaluable."

    Deepak Jha
    Senior Manager Accounts & Finance , JIVA
  • Maximized efficiency and customer satisfaction through streamlined payment management, aiding us in our goals.

    "PayTring has truly transformed our payment management. With their intuitive platform and comprehensive features, managing multiple payment methods and providers has become seamless. Thanks to PayTring, we've enhanced efficiency and customer satisfaction. We chose PayTring for their strong reputation, expertise, and comprehensive range of services. Highly recommended."

    Ruchi Aggarwal
    Founder , SimpliFin.ai

Our Investors and Backers

PayTring was founded by experienced entrepreneurs who personally experienced the challenges of navigating payment companies and banks. With the backing of renowned partners and industry experts, we provide innovative solutions that simplify financial transactions and empower our customers. Our goal is to create a more seamless and accessible payment ecosystem for all.

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